Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lucky me

Yes I know I've been very weel treated. Beleive it or not I did not receive one but two wonderful aprons. Amy has realy been very generous. She did not like the way the straps of the roses apron turned out, so she sewed another one to go with it !!! Honestly I can't say which one I favour most. I do love the red roses but the fabrics she chose for the other one go so well together. Today my parents came to visit us, as I could not chose, I wore one in morning and the other one for the afternoon and I am still wearing it now.
Thank You Amy!!!
By the way, I also received a very charming note pad to put on the fridge and vintage cook book.

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  1. Marie~Noelle,
    how lucky you are to receive 2 very lovely aprons. This is what I love most about the apron swap, we get to be so very creative.

  2. you look so the aprons! Great job, Amy

  3. Marie-Noelle! There you are! Hey, girl! I was in such a hurry (at work) that I didn't look at the I have a face to put with my friend's name!

  4. Beau cadeau pour une belle dame. Toujours rester en contact.


  5. gorgeous! lucky you....I especially like the second one!

  6. you are right! They are both sooo lovely....who could pick?


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