Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kat and Mindy in Florida

Oh, snap! Mindy and I are so happy to have participated in Shanay-nay's apron swap (our nick name for Shawnee). We lovingly named our store's Body Form Shanay-nay as well. So as you can see we are giving Shawnee a hug!

I received my lovely package from Cindi O in Yukon Canada Saturday; a fitting Mother's Day gift and it is so lovely! This is my favorite apron by far. I am showing off how slender it makes me look even though I am shaped like Big Bird. The material is super absorbent (I wore it all day today doing house work). Let me tell you, this was the perfect apron for me as I am hard on them. I love the fuchsia, green and purple! Cindy's blind grandmother crocheted a lovely dish towel for me too and I received a towel that matched my apron along with a recipe which I am going to try soon. Please go to Cindy O's blog spot for April 2oth, 21st and 22nd to see her apron time line. Cindy really put a lot of effort into making her own pattern for me. http://quiltinggourmet.blogspot.com/

Mindy's swap partner was Heather at Corner Stone Farms in Maryland. She was absolutely thrilled to get the sassy and flirty apron and loved it as well as the rosemary soap, candles, tomato basil jam, vintage table runner and a doily. If Heather were here Mindy would give her a big hug too. The detail Heather created in her reversible apron was much appreciated.
A shout out to all our new friends. We know we will cross paths with you again but in the meantime we hope that you are able to enjoy each day for the gift that it truly is.

Kathy and Mindy in Florida


  1. Oh, yeah! So glad you got your package! Hope the wait was worth it!

  2. I am so glad you like it Kat! It looks really good on you!!
    Mindy's apron looks great as well! It looks like you two are having a lot of fun!

  3. I FEEL HUGGED! You gals look beautiful - I love those aprons!

  4. y'all look so cute! love those pretty aprons!

  5. OOh, these aprons are adorable. I particularly like the blue one on the mannequin. :-)

  6. I forgot to say that I stopped by because I saw your post on Alessandra's blog (justbehappy).

  7. I love the embroidery with the swap info. I think I'll do that from now on with all my swap aprons. It makes the apron even more of a keepsake.


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