Friday, December 4, 2009

Better Late Than Never

I know I am kind of last minute making a posting about the fabrics I am using. I am not usually a last minute person, but the camera was lost.

I really wanted to get a fabric that my swap partner would enjoy, and based on the information I received, I am pretty sure she'll like this. The picture doesn't really do it justice, and I was kind of nervous about using a fabric with a black background (I don't know why, really...I think because all of the other Christmas prints I already have are pretty bright). I am hoping to make a few other things to match this for my swap partner.

Let's hope naptime today is productive. I already have all of the other goodies set aside and ready to send.

I love Christmas!


  1. i love the fabric. who doesn't love a Rudolph as pretty as that! i hope its mine.

  2. Dark, smark. I would love this fabric!

  3. That's great fabric!!! I have a friend who made me a little black apron with pointsettas on it and it's still festive and cheery!!!
    I'm sure your apron will be awesome!

  4. Those are beautiful reindeer - I love it!

  5. oh, this is just LOVELY! Where did you get the fabric....I must have some in my stash!!!

  6. Whoot, this is mine!!! Thank you so much for all the goodies. I was impressed with the little brown bag book. I am so happy la la la and kisses.

  7. Sara I finally got some photos of the beautiful and more important to me Practical apron you made. It was my hostess apron for the family holiday dinner. Thank you again. I have posted a pic on Shawnee's blog.

    Happy New Year

    Kat in Florida


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