Tuesday, December 29, 2009

FAS8 - Martini Madness Swap Registration OPEN

(click on an image to register)
Registration Deadline: January 11

Partners Sent: January 13

NEW Swappers: mail to Shawnee before January 31

All Others Mail After: January 31

But Mail Before: February 8
Okay ladies, I’m SO excited about this new swap. But, I have a True Confession to make – I’ve never drank a martini in my life! I actually don’t like alcohol very much, just an occasional wine cooler. But, I LOVE the cute martini glasses!! I see them everywhere and I want to own dozens of them! And, the Flirty Apron Swap blog is all about the cute! So, I hope you’ll join in and sip “mocktails” if the hard stuff isn’t your thang. Since I’m new to this martini-thing, I really appreciate if you’d also include your favorite cocktail or “mocktail” recipe when you register. I need to branch out!

In this swap, participants will create a handmade “Martini Madness” apron. I strongly suggest a cocktail apron, wispy and cute, perfect for entertaining. However, you are allowed to request something more practical, even though it is the sewer’s choice. You will include one CUTE martini glass. DO NOT feel like you have to spend lots of money on this – I see martini glasses all the time at Goodwill or other resale shops, craigslist, and Crate and Barrel sells the cutest ones for under $10. Just get creative.

The martini glasses and aprons must be sent by February 8 (or earlier, if you're new to the Flirty Apron Swap) and remember to wrap them carefully – I would hate for someone to spend time and money to buy or create a beautiful glass only for it to show up in pieces!

If you have anything you'd like to donate for a giveaway, just let me know and I'm happy to highlight your shop or blog in exchange.

Normal rules apply (aka you and I will be email buddies)
Email me four times:
#1 - within 48 hours of assignment to keep playing
#2 -when you send your package WITH TRACKING NUMBER
#3 -when you receive your package
#4 -cc me on your thank you email (can combine with #3)

Here's a button that you can put on your blog to help spread the word. the more people involved in the swap, the more fun it will be!

you gotta hop out of your reader to get the code!

so get out there spread the word and let's have some fun!!

AFTER YOU REGISTER, come back here and comment so we can see who's IN!!


  1. This sounds like fun.........i'm in!!!
    Who can resist something flirty and fun...who knows, maybe I'll even get round to trying a martini:)

  2. I just registered. This does sound like fun and I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.

  3. I had ONE martini, back in the '70s..and that was enough - kinda reminded me of jet fuel :-)But I do have martini glasses and I use them to serve shrimp cocktail in! I put chopped green onion and celery in the bottom, then the shrimp, and top with seafood sauce and a green onion curl or two. Yumm! And no hint of jet fuel :-)

    Love your new swap theme, Shawnee!

  4. What fun! I love cocktails but admit I never had a martini. I'm in!

  5. Okay I am signed up!

    I still have a Prize to give away...alas...I still have no apron from previous swap!

  6. I'm in! I know I am crazy to do this in the middle of moving across country but I should be settled in by then. Looking forward to this one !

  7. love the idea but still waiting on my
    Christmas Carol apron so I'll hold off a bit longer....if I can handle it! heehee...great theme!

  8. Hi everyone! This is my first swap, but I have been following the blog for months now so I am excited to join in the fun!

    If you'd like to know more about me, visit my blog at www.tartdeco.blogspot.com

  9. I'm in. Now I have to find a nice cocktail apron I saw one for a little girl it was all frilly I may see if I can make the pattern bigger. Looking forward to this.

  10. I love aprons, I love swaps and I LOVE martinis!! How awesome is this swap? I have had my fair share of martinis (however they are fruity and not as filled with alcohol or gin as the original!).

  11. Betty and Val - I'm on top of tracking down your aprons or replacing them, never fear! Some gals got a bit overwhelmed I think.


  12. I don't drink alcohol at all but this sounds fun to do. I'm so excited.

  13. I can't believe I just said I was staying away from swaps for a while! Great theme, Shawnee, we should have lots of fun finding all those martini references. I'll vote for a Tanqueray (gin) martini on the rocks to help cool off a hot summer afternoon....

  14. Hi! I signed up for the swap yesterday. This is my first swap ever and I am SO EXCITED! I love making, studying, and collecting aprons. My name is Audrey and I can't wait to do the swap!

  15. Love the theme! Gonna start those ideas swirling around in my head... maybe a drink will help!

  16. Oh shooty pooty, I can't play this time. I will be stopping by to see what these talented ladies come up with.

  17. This is sooooo or should I say, Sew... up my alley! lol!
    Luv Aprons, Luv Martinis & luv Chocolate! lol!
    Thanx for the invite...sorry I could not come over to play for the Holiday one....
    Oh and Martini glasses are great for Pudding and Parfait not to mention ice cream w/a sugar waffer! or just to use as a candy dish.

  18. I looked up Martini glasses as I don't use them. I use wine glasses for parfaits and things. They have all sorts of cute ones at Crate and Barrel. Affordable, too.

  19. oohh you are a woman of my own heart!

    I am so in..

    details sent


  20. In!

    I made martinis once for BillHubby and me. I thought he was almost home so I made and poured 'em. He decided to stop at the grocery store "real fast." Those were some nasty drinks by the time he got home and we tried them. Not sure if it was because the drinks were sitting a while or if the "Classic" recipe was just nasty. ;)

    Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with on this swap!

  21. I don't drink, but I might start after this fun swap!! Count me in.

  22. Just registered and I'm psyched to see all the wicked flirty apron creations everyone comes up with! Happy Apron making everyone!

  23. Yippeee...I'm in! I haven't been in one for a few months and I've missed my apronista friends, so I'm really looking forward to this swap! CHEERS! Jennifer :)

  24. Okay, I registered but this is my first time, and need info. I am excited!!!

  25. I thought I commented before but I guess not - this is my first swap... looks like a ton of fun though!


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