Thursday, December 10, 2009

They know that Saaanta's on his way

He's loaded this cute apron on his sleigh...

*sing with me*

And every flirty apron swappers gonna spy
to see when the new owner's gonna tryyyyyyyyyy (it on)

Wow...that's just as bad as my singing IRL

This past week or so has majorly SUCKED around here. We've had the sickies. Today I ran out of gas while at the store. Hubby had to leave work to get me, but by the time he got home to get the gas can a nice stranger arrived to my aid. So I guess it hasn't been that awful. Hubby is really mad tho! I mean who runs out of gas when you have a digital gas gauge?

Anyhoo...Sorry this picture isnt' the greatest. Batteries died on my camera and had to use the cell phone. I am trying to keep this somewhat of a surprise for my partner. I hope she's feelin' green :) I know she lives in a very green place. And having lived there myself, I felt awfully homesick making this for her and wishing I could stuff myself in the envelope and fly home.


Anyway, hope everyone is surviving wintry weather!


  1. totally rockin' apron! hope the week gets better!

  2. Sorry you had such a bad day.
    Love the apron.

  3. Speaking from experience here: you might want to get that fuel pump relay replaced. Most newer cars have the fuel sensor relay as part of the pump assembly and more than likely it's the relay (the sensor that tells your in-dash fuel gauge how much gas is left in the tank) going bad that caused you to run out of gas.

    I had one go bad last winter. It was hell. I knew I could get about 300 miles out of a full tank, so when the odometer hit 200 miles after the last fuel up I was back at the pump. I did this until it was nice enough to have it fixed (hubby is handy with cars so we didn't want to pay extra to take it in to a shop).

  4. OH I RAN out because I wasn't paying attention. I knew I was low but didn't know how low. I was waiting for someone and left my car idling because it was cold. I ran out of gas because of my own stupidity.

  5. The apron is super cute! Sorry that you had a rough day though.

  6. Sorry for your stinky day. It's so cute!

  7. cute apron! hope you days are better.


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