Monday, December 21, 2009

Yee Haw!

What fun this Swap has been and here's a photo of the goodies that arrived from Betty aka Fudgie! I love the apron with the sassy boots and hats fabric ~ just perfect for New Mexico! I just happen to be finishing up a set of placemats and napkins from the same fabric ~ how kool is that!

Also enclosed was some wonderful yardage of colorful fabric with a rooster theme ~ two coordinting pieces of more than a yard each. The colors and roosters go right along with the other chicks in my kitchen. Betty included some titanium needles ( 2 paks) and some oh so colorful thread to match the i just need to get to stitching up something pretty. To set the mood for a relaxing sewing session, she also included a delightful scented candle.

The note Betty added made reference to my favorite Christmas carols...all in all a very fun package. Thank you so very much, Betty. Merry Christmas to All! edyB in New Mexico

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