Saturday, December 19, 2009


Or mail lady in our case:-)
My swap parcel arrived today...........oh, and it was SOOO lovely.

My partner Edy really spoilt me!!! The reversible apron she made me was just too cute, with the cutest reindeer fabric on one side and holly fabric on the other. I love it, and it will be put to very good use this coming week, as my baking hits high gear.

I also got some pretty napkins, a Santa and snowman ornament, some yummy mints, Santa post it notes and the most beautiful pop up book - I will treasure it and it will definately come out every Christmas.

Thank you so much Edy, I loved every item you sent me. I felt like Christmas had come early!!!


  1. oh that so cute! I love the reindeer.....

  2. I almost made Edy the same pattern she made her partner! Now why did I change my mind? How bizaar-oh is that? whoooooo!


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