Friday, September 3, 2010

On its way to its future home...

Here is a peak at the apron I made my partner - she requested 50's. I decided to do something less traditionally 50's but still staying within those perameters ...... I am very happy with the result.

This apron begun its life as 4 lovely linen (love the weight of the fabric) dishtowels:-) It's amazing what you can do with dishtowels, binding and a little navy fabric. I hope my partner likes it.

I'll keep my tuck ins a suprise....
The 50's one was to do with food ....... I'm pretty glad I wasn't around to enjoy the gastronomic delicacies of the decade!!!
The 80's one paid hommage to the music and bad fashion of that decade - this was however the decade of my teens:-)
The 21st century item, acknowledged our busy, on the go lifestyles, as well as the trend to recycle and reuse.

Thanks Shawnee for another fun swap ......... Halloween to follow - can't wait!!!!!

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  1. So clever. I love the weight of dish towels too and used three of them in my apron. Nice Kerry!


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