Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Apron Angels Needed

Ladies, several of our fellow swappers are without packages still and several others are not responding to my emails. Makes me sad. Please check the sidebar to see if I have your apron status correct (SENT/REC'D) and let me know right away if I've made a mistake. If you have NOT received an apron yet, I am working at sending you one. Only two gals have not said they've mailed but six or more gals don't have boxes as far as I know ...

I have sent emails to you sweethearts who indicated an interest in angeling when you signed up (unless you don't have a box yet). I am looking for packages that could be sent out this weekend, made with love, from any of the Back to the Future eras with the appropriate little tuck-ins - not expensive necessarily, but a package that you'd like to receive.

I won't open registrations for Halloween until I get this one wrapped up, so please be patient a little longer. THANK YOU !!!


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  1. I'm not part of the swap, but if you still need an angel on Monday, let me know. busy weekend, but next week looks okay

  2. I sent you an email too about angeling.

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  4. Shawnee, if you need me let me know, I will get something whipped up and out asap..the tuck ins might be an issue but I will do my best..let me know.


    PS I am soooo sad so many flaked..

  5. oohh thats so SAD... I hope karma bites their butt hard ggrrrr I can angel but it will take around 10 days to reach them, let me know if still needed xoxoxox

  6. I do not want anyone to be disappointed by this swap! It was so much fun... Let me know if I can help angel an apron and some cool stuff!


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