Sunday, September 19, 2010

Woo Hoo I ♥ My Apron

It’s been kind of crazy the last couple weeks and it occurred to me that I never properly thanked KAT for the awesome apron and package of goodies!  Slap me up the side of the head I tell ya!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

This gal rocks, I tell ya.  First the apron.  I ♥ this beautiful apron!


The detail is amazing..the binding and pockets are out of chicken wire fabric.  Where on earth Kat did you find that fabric??  And the vintage soups, pots and on the pocket


this cutey pie applique of a chicken/rooster…Sometimes I can’t tell the difference but I ♥ both!

As if this would not be enough, Kat had more goodies in the box!



Rooster & Chicken salt and pepper shakers (on my mantle they are so durn cute!), a DVD of Men in Black TWO…which we did NOT have, bonus!!..and a smellicious candle from Kat’s new candle collection from her shop called RUSTIC HOME and I love it too, its a great, homey scent but not overpowering..I will definitely be ordering it from her when she announces the collection!  And the recyclable bag is wonderful, these are awesome, I have one that I keep in the car and this one will stay in the house.

Kat, thank you again I love it all..♥


  1. Love this apron! Thanks so much for sharing your photos :) I was wondering who was going to end up with this beauty. What a fun package!

  2. Very cute package of goodies! Love the s & p shakers.

  3. Whoooh. Thanks for posting and I am so glad you liked everything! I still need to make Dilly Dog an apron from your scraps.



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