Saturday, September 7, 2013

Far in Miles but Close in Heart

This is my amazing far away friend Jen Sue and her husband Dale.  They are a power couple with seven children!  I myself am one of seven, second in line.  Jen is nothing like my mother, as my mum lost her identity, but not Jen!  Take notes ladies, always find time to be true to who you are.
Now, Jen and I couldn't be more different, lol.  Oh where do I begin.  The above photo shows Jen and Dale in  hiking attire because, well they were hiking but I am sure if she could she would have worn high heels with a matching purse.

I wear jeans and flats everyday and all of my cloths have rips and bleach stains from potting plants and cleaning flower buckets.  My business partner and I lovingly call each other ' Bucket Bitches'.  I could stand on the street corner and pass for homeless.  Thank goodness for aprons!
When I saw that my package was from Jen a very warm feeling that I was about to be spoiled came over me (not to mention it was also my birthday) and I was right!

My package looked like it had been hit by a bus but I didn't care.  It was here!  Yeah!
Oh my goodness!
The note says "open . . .  wet ink stain 
so I opened it first and found a wonderful paper pouch full of Jen's favorite things.
each of the wrapped packages was a true expression of Jen's style.
I just so happen to love baubles and beads.  If you have ever seen the movie "Labyrinth" (A Jim Henson film) you would know the character Hoggle.  I like his style!  When I saw this set of jewelry I just had to take a picture of my shoes.  I know Jen will appreciate that I do have heels even though they are all black or neutral but heels non the less.  Amazing!
What Jen and I do have most in common is the love of our families and friends and I am honored to have this inspirational woman as my friend.  Sending hugs your way girl!


  1. Wonderful package Kathy! You are one lucky lady!! And you are right that Jen Sue is one very "Inspirational Woman"

    Hope you both have had a great summer.

    Hugs coming your way,

    jennifer robin.

  2. How awesome is that Kathy and like you, I live in flats errrr tennis shoes!

  3. Great package!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I am so happy you loved everything. I am sad it was smashed to bit Crazy.. You my dear are by far one of my favorite things(friends:).

  5. Such a delightful post! I'm so glad you two played along. I love the friendships!!


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