Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Beautiful package from Nadine!

Where do I start to thank you Nadine?  Ladies, look at all the nice things I got from Nadine!  She made me the cutest take-along bag with "hexes" on the front and inside!  Enclosed I found 5, count 'em, 5 fat quarters of matching fabric, a pair of Singer scissors and a pack of pins with buttons on the end!  How great is that!!  I love buttons in any form and collect them! Then I was also the lucky recipient of one of her "Shoop-Shoop" bags with hexie and sewing decor on the outside and a velcro closure! This will hold a lot of my hand sewing notions!  Continuing, Nadine sent me a point turner and very coincidentally, my dog had decided to turn mine into a chew toy very recently so this was a very big and welcomed surprise.....(how does she know my dog?)  Then she included in this package a bag of the most delicious chocolate salted caramels I have ever eaten, from Trader Joes.  I only got to have a few and then the bag went missing.  I believe my hubby absconded with it but he won't say!!!  Notice there isn't a bag of caramels in the picture!  Nadine also made a travel sewing kit out of an Altoids tin and in a second tin she gave me a big head start on making my own Hexies complete with already cut out templates and directions on how to make them!  Isn't that sweet of her!!  She also sent me....yes there is still more....a box of clips to use when binding a quilt!  I can't wait to use them!!  And she even included the mints from the 2 tins she emptied!  I was so spoiled ladies and to think I was ready to give up on swaps altogether.  Thank you Nadine for a very thoughtful package and I will use everything in it and think of you while sewing!  Your swap sister, Jeanie


  1. Way to go Nadine! You hit the ball out of the park! LOL!

    Great swap package!!


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