Monday, September 2, 2013

My Parcel from TEXAS!!

Look what was in the post on Friday from Sharon in Texas!

Of course she sent an apron!! With large pockets...for my gardening tools!  And pecan coffee...yummmeee!  A cute journal, cupcake wrappers in both of our favorite PINK!... a great book..(which did not get photographed as it was already on the night progress)...a little sewing kit...purse size..  really cute cups for dessert....a cute basket that she made....and a little antique doll!!  Of course she included a nice newsy letter, telling me about her life in Texas, and why threse are her favorites! 

Here is a closer look at the doll...she is made of clay...and is holding her knitting!  Isn't she so sweet!!
She is sitting on top on my sewing cabinet now...watching me while I'm busy making...stuff!

I told Sharon that she should be my new many of HER favorites are also MY favorites!!
It was just a super parcel Sharon...again...thank you so much!!  And three cheers for Shawnee...our favorite SWAP MUM!!


  1. Nicely put Mary Lea! You got a super nice package from Sharon!!

    Way tom go Sharon!!

  2. I love the large pockets. I could fit my dogs in them! This was the sweetest little swap!

  3. How sweet,love the little knitting on the doll.Very cute.

  4. Oh, is that adorable. I LOVE these reveal posts!!


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