Sunday, September 8, 2013

What I Sent and Received

This is what I sent my partner.
My package included...
My favorite candy - twizzlers
My favorite tea - Tazo Refresh
My favorite soap - local "homemade" lavender
The best seam ripper I've ever used and a favorite apron pattern.
I also included a couple of other items.
I hope my partner enjoys my favorites as much as I do.

This is what I received.

Mindy is an AWESOME partner and sent me all sorts of goodies including a BEAUTIFUL apron and a lovely stamp set.  I can't wait to make some cards with it. 
Thank you so much Mindy!!!

And thank you Shawnee for another great swap!


  1. Perfect. I LIKE the look of that seam ripper!!
    Love the packages. Thanks for playing along.

  2. Thanks Tammy. You're so sweet to say that. Enjoy! I love those stamps too. Mindy

  3. Mrs. Tammy I loved everything so much you spoiled me and in sending me some of your favorite things you sent me some of my favorite thing. I have to mention the way you wrapped the packages in red and white polka dots made me giggle with joy. I adore red and white polka dots. My kids were thrilled to see the twizlers because they new they would get them this is the only thing we differ on I am a total red vine girl they are my most favorite candy besides good chocolate. I also always ave freshly painted toe nails. The Heat bag and lavender soap smelled divine.
    Thank you so very much for spoiling me:)
    I would have posted on the blog but somehow it would not let me.

  4. very thoughtful packages! Helpful tools and inspiration!

  5. Love all these swap posts!m So exciting to see everyones favorite things!!


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