Friday, March 21, 2008

Cute wise ol' owl

My partner is iknit.ipurl and she loves Owls so I of course had to applique a owl on the bib of the apron, smile! I used a great fabric that to me is a bit retro inspired it looks like bubbles. I used a blue and white swirl fabric for the applique and pocket and I accented with some orange grosgrain ribbon and some yellow buttons for eyes. I used a blue and white stripe for the neck and waist ties. I noticed when I went lurking on her blog she likes owls and a bit of vintage so Ta Da!. I found some darling measuring spoons they are so tiny and they say; smidge, nip, dash and pinch I thought they were so funny. Sometimes you will get a recipe with those terms and I have always wondered what they mean't, smile. I ordered a cute flirty apron online from etsy because my sewing machine went on the fritz after I signed up for the swap so I was in a tizzy. But I was able to sew after all and so my my partner is getting two, because I bought it with her in mind, smile! Enjoy partner. I was hestitant to post this because I am not sure how many people really loves owls and I was worried she'd read this post and not be surprised. I hope you enjoy your aprons my partner.   


  1. I can't see how your partner wouldn't enjoy this apron. Such talent in this group.

  2. those of us who are polka dot and owl lovers will be neat.

  3. Now that I've seen this, I LOVE owls too! SO cute.


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