Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I have a question .... (EDITED)

Are we going to post pictures of our aprons so everyone can drool over them and hope they get a certain one? Or are we going to send them and let the recipients post pictures of them so everyone will be completely surprised?

I'm planning on making the new Emmaline apron by Montessori by Hand. I made one yesterday and it is soooo cute!

Shawnee here: My hope is that you all will post shots of your fabric choices, patterns, and teaser pictures but save the final photo for the recipient to post. Contest Alert: At the end, we will all be voting on the flirtiest apron .. so be sure to take a snapshot in case your partner doesn't have a camera and/or doesn't post here. And, if you're a person who doesn't have a digital camera, ask your partner to snap a shot when it's received!


  1. Maybe a good compromise would be to post pics of the process (fabric, pattern, etc)and let the recipient post pics of the finished product. I've been drooling over that Emmaline apron...can't wait to see it and who gets it!

  2. I am with sarahross, I Love the idea of Teasing with "before" pictures & Still Surprising the recipient!!

    I Really want the Emmaline Apron Pattern Too!! It is Darling!!


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