Monday, March 3, 2008

I yam, I yam I yam.......ready to swap!

Okay...that was dorky, but I really AM excited about this swap. I know who I want to get but since I don't actually KNOW ANYONE in this swap, its silly to even say that!
I'm waiting for Tuesday to get here! Then I can cruise profiles and start sewing!


  1. I share your enthusiasm...I can't wait to see who I get too. I've bought a pattern and waiting for it to come in the mail!

  2. Do you have the code for the button?? I want add it to my blog...

  3. I had to trick it by putting a picture there and then doing the link to the actual words. for some reason, it isn't letting me link the button itself.

  4. I plan to go fabric shopping Saturday morning and do my sewing in the afternoon. My partner's profile doesn't give a lot of hints, so I hope she likes what I come up with. This is my first swap, and I'm very excited, but I'm also nervous. I don't want to disappoint someone.

  5. I am with you Cynthia. My partner had 3 words....really! At first I was stumped but then I zeroed in on one of the words.....I got lucky at the fabric store and found something perfect!

    Hobby Lobby has 40% coupons online thru Saturday!!!!


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