Saturday, March 15, 2008

Giveaway #2 - EDITED


Anyone interested in another contest??

My dear friend, Laura, is giving away a GREAT prize .... any four (4!) fat quarters from her Etsy shop, Beelicious. - maybe you can use them in your apron?!?
All you have to do is visit Laura's Beelicious shop and browse around, then come back here and tell me three things in a comment to this post: 1) what you love about her shop, 2) what you would like to see in her shop, and 3) anything you would change. Leave your comment below before March 15. If you would like to enter a second time, blog about this giveaway at your own site, then leave the link to your post in a second comment. I will pick a random winner on March 15. Good Luck!

I asked Laura to tell us a little about herself:
" I am a 37 year old Homeschooling Mom of Two. I Absolutely Love to Sew!! I just don't have enough Time to Sew as much as I would Like to, So that is how I started Selling Fabric on Etsy. I really do have Quite a Stash built up & it helps that My Sister-in-Law works for a Textile company!!It is actually Hard for me to let go of My Fabrics(I am a Fabric Hound!) but Sharing my Stash is Fun too. I have met some Wonderful Ladies thru my Etsy shop! My Dream is to make Beelicious a Huge success & Maybe someday Open my Own Brick & Mortar Fabric Shop!

I've spent some time wandering through Laura's shop and I love everything! Laura, you have such an eye for beauty and are a wonderful apron-maker to boot! (Check out my blog for the Halloween apron Laura sent me.)


  1. Love your shop Laura.. I had to buy a pattern while I was there. :)

    1) what you love about her shop:
    The variety; lots to choose from.

    2) what you would like to see in her shop:
    Maybe more designer fabrics like M. Miller and the like.

    3) anything you would change:
    Maybe also offer by the yard fabrics.

    In all actuality though, you could change nothing and I would still love your shop. :)


  2. No wonder you have a hard time letting your fabrics go...they are all so much fun! Simply Gorgeous Pink Poppy Fabric is my favorite.

  3. I enjoyed the variety and the ability to not have to purchase a yard. Sometimes I need just a little bit but I get stuck buying a whole yard!! I would like to see more patterns. I am a pattern nut, so the more I see - the more I like! I wouldn't really change anything. Looks great.

  4. I posted a link on my blog:

    Thanks and good luck everyone!!

  5. Great shop!

    I love the variety of items in your shop.

    I would like to see more designer fabrics in the shop.

    I would change the fabric amounts sold: fat quarter stacks of multiple fabrics

    Thanks for the chance to win free fabric!

  6. I loved everything, especially the fabrics. Some favorites:
    --vintage purple green white plaid
    --pink with black dots and swirls
    --happy snappy turtle
    --YummY cherry
    --fabulous shoe
    --LOVE cheery yellow rose
    --LOVE pink roses on teal
    --lucky lady bug
    --LOVE laundry day
    Thanks, Shawnee, for the link!

  7. What I love: I love the fun 'food' and kitchen' themed fabrics in her shop.

    I'd like to see: maybe she could expand her line o fabrics to include hard to find (yet reasonable) fabrics from other countries. It is nice to see different things than what you see in stores.

    Being one who doesn't quilt, the thing I would change is her layout. If she is marketing to the quilter, than her strategy is perfect. If, however, she wants to bring in other people...the casual seamstress, she might consider quantity discounts on her higher priced fabrics.

    thank you for this opportunity!

  8. okay...she is posted on my blog with a link to her etsy shop! yeah!

  9. I love a lot of the fabric choices in her shop (happy turtles! love1)

    I would like to see more of the simpler prints, like the turtles, although I know those novelty prints do appeal to a lot of people

    I would change the pictures to have some sort of border art. I don't know if that is possible, but I think visually it would be nice if there were something unifying about all the thumbnails so it looks more professional.

    Love the variety though!

  10. I love the variety! It seems like there's a little bit for everyone.

    I think it would be great to see some other notions and trim in the shop.

    The only thing I would change is how the pictures are done. Some are a little blurry, and not everyone knows how big a US quarter is, so maybe use a ruler for scale instead?

  11. "Betty Boop Rides Again" how fun is that!

    "Summer Rose" is so pretty, I just loved it.

    Selling by the yard would be a nice addition to the shop. But, I like fat quarters too.

  12. I visited and loved the Beelicious site.
    1.Loved the assortment of fabric
    Betty Boop and Kids Playing were #1with me.
    2. Would be nice to have larger selection of ribbons and trim.
    3. New to this blog and swaping so not real sure what could be changed to make it better. I am not the right person to ask that.
    Very happy to be in this swap.
    Thanks, Pam

  13. Thank you Everyone for the Great comments!!
    A lot of the Changes ya'll have mentioned, I have thought about myself!
    My Birthday is this Thursday & I am hoping for a New Camera(some of my pics are Horrible:D

    Ya'll have been a Great Help! Keep those comments coming!!

  14. I liked the assortment of vintage fabrics along with the new ones, I would like to see a wider selection of designer fabrics, and perhaps I would make the photographs of the items for sale a bit more appealing.

  15. 1) What I love...

    I love that you can purchase fabrics in 1/4, 1/2, or yard...

    I especially loved the Vintage Yellow Floral, Mod Ivory Teal Grey Floral, and the Spring Fling Flower

    2) What would I like to see more of...

    Maybe some more designer fabrics...Amy Butler, Robert Kaufman, etc.

    3) What would I change...

    I think it is great the way it is...Nice little shop:)

    I have posted a link to your shop on my blog.

  16. I really like the variety of merchandise - fabric choices, assorted patterns including vintage and embellishments. Other than improving the picture quality which sounds like it was already on her wish list, I like her store and enjoyed shopping.

    I couldn't resist on thursday, when I popped over to check out her store, I shopped a little, smile!
    I have to say I really appreciated the great customer service I received and the great note confirming my order and shipping.

  17. I know I miss the contest deadline, but I wanted to comment on Beelicious's shop...I love it and I love her designs...I am the same and cannot resist buying more material....haven't decided whether I have more skeins of yarn or more material? And WIPs and bags in progress well I think their even!!!

    1) what you love about her shop:
    I love how unique it is and the quality of inventory since I love material that is different it is a perfect place to shop!

    2) what you would like to see in her shop:
    Wow that is a hard one...I guess a little more whimsical??? MAybe...I am like I said a "little girl" at heart, and I love "girly" whimsical prints.

    3) anything you would change:
    Fabics by the yard of course...maybe a few accessories? Buttons...

    DaCraftyLady AKA Debb


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