Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A "recipe" for apron making

A slight hint is found in the title for my partner. Here are a couple more hints to what my apron for my partner is including:

I plan to make the apron in the middle but I may be substituting something else instead of a ribbon.

This is one of the materials I am using. If I show the other one, my partner will know who she is, so I will be leaving you guessing until the finished product is posted by my partner. I can't wait to make this and mail it to you!


  1. the pattern is beautiful....very feminine. hmmmmmmmmm.......polka dots, my favorite!

  2. I almost bought that pattern for the Sassy Apron Swap....now I wish I had.

  3. The pattern reminds me of a 50's dress...I love it.

  4. That pattern is SO cute! I also like the fabric swatch. Everyone is making such cute choices. What a fun project!

  5. Love the pattern, and the fabric!!


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