Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cheater cheater pumpkin eater.

I caved I had too much on my plate so instead of making my apron I am giving my partner a lovely apron by a wonderful apron artist, hand made of course just not by me.
Well my partner is actually lucky she is getting 2 aprons.
One as a tuck in, I found this vintage 60's chiken scratch apron at a thrift store.
It is in perfect shape and just so darling. I have one thats not is not in as good of shape that I got at the same trift store and I love it.
All I have left to do is wrap and pack and send..
I hope my partner loves her goodies.


  1. I'm loving seeing all the photos!

  2. This is a cherished item! I don't own a cross stitch apron and would love to.

  3. I love this apron and it's my favorite color! I love chicken scratching on aprons! Great find!


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