Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Package Sent

Partner your package has been sent. But here is a little peak at what was in that little package. What is more 80's than the Care Bears with pink tule and ruffles? Now let's all do the "Care Bear Stare"!


  1. Oh my gosh - how fun!!! Care Bears were a big deal to me in the 80's. It's been great sharing them with my 6 year old daughter now that they have come back. I can't wait to see this whole apron!

  2. Very 80's! Can't wait to see the finished apron.

  3. My oldest daughter is 23. I graduated from HS in '84, married in Jan '86 and she was born in Mar. '87. We were talking about the toys that she played with that are in and her daughter are playing with. We've found Care Bears, My little Pony (although that never really went totally out) and Rainbow Bright. We haven't found Rainbow Bright. Brie went through her stuff and took those things home for her daughter. Cute peek.


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