Friday, August 27, 2010

Time to get our kicks.....

I finally put your package in the mail! It should get to you shortly. The tuck-ins will just have to be a surprise......


  1. Oh I hope this one is headed to me, lol. I love route 66, grew up right along side it in SoCal.. so cute whoever gets it! Lucky duck!


  2. It's Me!! Yeah Rah! I am the lucky duck that got this very cute Apron.

    The tuck ins where fabulous too!!! Vintage Hot Pads, crocheted with a very small stitch. A hand made finger pin cushion customized for my love of music. It has a musical note embroidered on a heart on top! Then I got a 2 disc CD set of 80's music.

    Lucky Me...Thanks so much Sarah!!!

    Jennifer Saia (buckeyebaby1229)

  3. Okay, I had a brain freeze there for a moment...I also got a homemade phone caddy that my phone fit in perfectly!!! Thanks again Sarah!!!!!!!


  4. Lucky you, Jenny -- that is so cute! All the tuck ins sound wonderful too!!


Welcome Apronistas -- I appreciate your lovely comments!!