Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I feel like I'm hoggin' the blog......but

OK....I can't help myself. I have to post pictures of the finished apron. I just noticed that I posted the last 4 entries......(Shawnee you might want to rethink letting me play along). I may be slightly obsessed :) Is there a 12 step program for apron swappers?????I chose the patriotic fabric because my partner loves our country and I wanted to make an apron that represents that. God bless the USA!


  1. Love the apron and we love your posts--so go right ahead and hog the blog. I have a similiar apron and could never get those point overlays quite right. Scallops and I don't get along either.

  2. Oh la la! Super job, and keep up the posting. I still have not even started to think about this swap :?

  3. Thanks ladies :) Debbie - the points were definately tricky. I haven't made this pattern before and I don't think I'll be rushing out to make it again any time soon. It is really cute, but SO much pinning and detail work. I did deepen my relationship with my trusty seam ripper through this experience and only stapped myself (quite deeply) in the thumb with the point once and I managed not to bleed on the apron. So all in all it was a good day :)

  4. I.m not in this swap---but you did yourself proud--great apron!

  5. Karen, what a beautiful apron..I love it..and dont worry about posting, post away!!!


    PS my seam ripper and I have an intimate friendship, too:)


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