Saturday, August 14, 2010

Movie Theme Help

I had a pattern in mind when signing up, but now I'm really unsure. The pattern that I wanted to use was the Emmeline Pattern.

My husband suggested doing embroidery of the entire car...well...that's a great idea but I don't know if I could do that.

If maybe I picked a solid color, and did some fun embroidery across the bottom of the different eras from the movie? Maybe?

Does anyone have any suggestions at all? I'm really open at this point!

What exactly does "Movie Theme" mean anyways?


  1. Truthfully, I think if you do what you enjoy, that joy will show in your apron. Do you really want to embroider the car or just sew a beautiful apron from fabrics you enjoy? Your choice in the end, have fun!

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  3. I signed up for one thing and it's kind of ending up something else. I LOVE the Emmeline. It's a really great pattern!! Anything you think you should do will be great with it.

  4. The pattern you chose is fantastic. I agree with Dawning Dreams. Don't read too much into the theme. I'm sure that whatever you choose to do will be cherished by your swapee.


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