Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Peek - a- Poodle Re-do

This is a peek of the re-do of my poodle apron. I made it longer & fuller with big pockets. It's twirly and girly now, hence the blurry photo. I couldn't resist swishing it. I love the pink, black and white combo and hope my partner will too.
Here are the tuck-ins. A necklace with some vintage beads, an 80's CD and a modern invention a purse holder and key clip. I'm still looking for another item to add but it's almost ready. What do you think?
By the way I still have the original one but don't really need it. So I decided to give it away. Stop by my blog if you'd like it.


  1. How cute is this!! I love the colors and patterns. The tuck in's too. Especially the CD!

  2. Very creative package and the apron is adorable.

  3. Great mindes think a like.. The one I am makeing is very simlar..
    I love how your turned out and the pola dots rock!!

  4. PERFECT! Poodle-skirt aprons are one of my favs for the 50s. GOod tuck in selections, too!!


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