Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Best Way to Brighten Your Day...

...Come home to a wonderful Apron Swap package! Oh my! Susan from Oregon City did a beautiful job making her apron for me, I just appreciate it so much! The tuck-ins were so fun! I got to un-wrap each one! I love the surprise! 

Thank you Susan for doing such a great job! Love it! You definitely made my day :)


  1. So sorry Alli....but Susan was supposed to send that apron to me! Must have been some kind of mix up with the post office :) Susan is soooo amazing! I was blessed to have her as my partner in my last swap :) What a fabulous apron and amazing goodies!

  2. lol Karen. I know isn't that a great apron and fun tuck ins? Just so much fun!

  3. Got to see it in real life and it's a fantastic apron and package. Now if only Alli would whip up some pumpkin cinnamon rolls for work in the morning....

  4. You made my day with your post! I was surprised that you had received it already! I am glad you liked it...


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