Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm One Lucky Girl!

I have received the most AWESOME package from Sharon in Waller, TX!!!!! She sent me a wonderful package. She says she likes things from a long time ago and I do too!!! Shawnee couldn't have paired up a better swap. I received a wonderful fall apron, kithen towels, magazines, gloves, a fall plaque and the most wonderful is a journal. It is written in the time period of the 1890's and pertains to this swap. It is in a handmade journal cover. I must admit that I've only read the first couple of pages. I took pictures, but I'm heading out of town and I've already packed the camera BEFORE I downloaded the pics. I'll post the pics when I get back. I'm taking the journal with me to read on the trip. Just reading the first 2 pages I just KNOW it is going to be some GREAT READING.
Sharon, THANK YOU SEW MUCH. You certainly were good to me -- many Harvest Blessings. I'll be posting pics so everyone stay tuned.........................................

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