Friday, October 29, 2010

So many swappers, so few posts

Shawnee, feel free to chastise me or delete me if I overstep, k.

Dear Fellow Swappers,

As we approach another swap, I am awed by the thoughtfulness and generosity of so many of you. You sent thoughtful packages and equally thoughtful thanks. You shared your progress and cheered those of us who ran into some sewing roadblocks ( yes, I still suck at potholders). Some of you are quiet, simple posters, but at least you joined in the festive atmosphere. I applaud all of you!

Although I understand that life has a way of interfering with fun, I can see no reason that a simple little post cannot be sent. Some of you received some fabulous looking aprons with some darling tuck-ins. I was one of them (thanks again Laura, McDonald's will never be the same since I wore it in to order lol) I am at a loss as to why a few sentences are such an inconvenience! Especially if you like your package!! If you don't, still, a few polite words do wonders.

We all invested something very precious: our time. Surely that alone is worth a few minutes of your day.

I shall revert to something that even kindergartners understand: if you can't play nice, you don't get to play. Snarky? Yep. Something that, unfortunately, needed to be said? Yep.

Please don't be the ''bad apple" that spoils the bunch.

Sincerely, Regena

Regena and all,

Just a small edit to your post. While I have invited everyone to be blog authors with the ability to post and while I LOVE seeing all the pictures, thank you posts on this blog are not mandatory. The minimum requirement is a thank you email or note to your partner.

Again, I LOVE seeing the pictures and even though I hope that everyone who can will post here AND on their personal blogs linking to this swap and to their partner's blog, not everyone has the the same level of technological literacy (is that really a word/phrase???). That said, please know that I am happy to post for you if you don't know how .. just send me an email with what you want to say and attach a picture - I'm happy to do the rest.

The only way you don't get to play any more is if you don't send a package or you don't let me know that you received one; some people actually post here but don't contact their partner directly and that's not quite right either, since not everyone remembers to check here regularly. (Reminder - if you subscribe to this blog, you will know when a new post goes up.)


PS - I'm excitedly working on the new swap ..deets SOON!!!


  1. Well written Miss. R.. I agree with what you said. I for one love to falunt what I make and what I get. Belive me when I get my apron I will defentlt show it off.
    I think modeling the aprons is half the fun of the swap..

  2. I totally agree. I get excited seeing everyone else's creations and enjoy reading the reactions when people share and model their aprons. It's sad when you don't get to see who ended up with a particular apron. It's like reading a book and the last page is missing.

  3. Oh, I just thought my sweet little package had already been posted by the giver and a big thank you sent, so another post would have been redundant. I'll have to do better next time! I didn't realize how much people just want to see what's going on. Sorry!

  4. I understood Regena's post to be about those who do not respond at all in any way, email, snail mail included. Those who receive a package and then are silent.

  5. Karen is right. This is about people that do not give any response to their swap partner.
    Pictures are great, but a few simple words are all most of us are asking for.
    You did find the swap, so you know how to get here!
    Shawnee has offered to post for you if shyness or techless is your issues

    Just let your partner know you got your package and you are thrilled with their thoughtfulness. I know you don't have to post it on the blog, but gee whiz, that's what blogging is all about! imnsho

  6. Thank's Regena. I probably don't always follow the rules - I prefer to send an old school thank you card in the snail mail. I should go back to rules and send email. I do try to make sure somewhere that my partner knows I received my package and that I appreciated their time and thoughtfulness. I think that is important to show them, I value their time and energy in what they sent to me.

  7. I agree. I think as long as someone is thanked, it doesn't necessarily have to be public, but it is fun to post how excited we were to get our packages. But people definitely need to be thanked. (There were a couple times I've done the swap and never heard anything back neither a post nor an email nor a card, kinda worried me if maybe the recipients never actually received the packages, then I checked with the confirmation numbers to see that they arrived). It always makes my day to receive a package, but even more to receive news of someone else's gratitude.

  8. I am not going to stop swapping just because I don't get a thank you!! I am having to much fun trying to follow all the rules that Shawnee sets up!! Oh by the way Jen Sue Wild, I was up in your neck of the woods on the week-end of the 15th!! Went to a wedding at the Millenium Hotel and then came back home to Chicago!! It was cold up there in AK..LOL!!

  9. Okay, this is the second message that isn't posting this morning...I agree with all the messages, but I will not let a few who don't go all out, stop me from having fun. And fun is why I participate in these swaps anyway!!

  10. Okay I take it computer is just slow posting...LOL!!!

  11. I always send a thank you email. However I don't post what I received here if it's already been posted by the sender. But I always post what I sent and what I received on my blog with a link here and a link to the sender's blog.

    Now looking forward to snowflakes. I was at a quilt store yesterday for a class and picked up some gorgeous fabric.


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