Thursday, October 28, 2010

Yipee! My first Apron Package Arrived!

I got home frome work on Monday to find my beautifully wrapped package laying on my counter! Oh how excited I was to see it! Before I even kissed my husband I grabbed my package and opened it very slowly to enjoy every moment! Thank you Teresa so much for everything you sent me. When I opened my backage she had a little BOO pillow laying on top. Beneath it was so many goodies: chocolate bar from Washington, pen and notepad, cupcake cups, baking cookbook, and then my darling halloween apron. I love the pumpkin tie she put on the strings. I had so much fun with my first swap. It's going to be hard to beat this apron package! Thanks Teresa .. I loved it all! Thank you Shawnee for organizing our swap!

Sharon from Waller.


  1. Apron swapping can be pretty addictive & fun! lol!

  2. Very cute! Luv the dots!! Teresa did a great job! I am popping out Aprons left and right! Creating new designs each time. Someone had better stop me!!!! LOL

  3. What a beautiful apron and package!


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