Thursday, May 12, 2011

Angels needed

Hi sweet swappers!  I'm still trying to get my spreadsheet caught up with everyone's activities but I know of at least one angel needed for sure.  Our Cynthia M's father just passed from a sudden illness and, even though she's been trying to work on this while supporting her family, it's just too much so I need someone who would be willing to angel for her - I can send details.

I'm working through emails but if you HAVEN'T received your apron yet, if you'd comment here it would make my job a little easier.  Spring is a busy time for me, which is why I'm just coordinating and not swapping this round (for the first time ever).

Such amazing aprons.  I have one more fun prize to give away and will announce that soon.



  1. I'll angel. For once, I actually have a clean plate!! LOL

  2. I am also able...or we could split it can do the apron, and one can do the tuck-ins...just if you want.

  3. I'm all for sharing the love and the load. ;-) Let Shawnee decide!

  4. I have not received my package yet. And I know that my partner received her package on 5/6 according to the tracking information. She either didn't like it or doesn't know she's supposed to post about it.

  5. So sorry to hear about Cynthia's dad...but awwwwww that's just the sweetest thing that two people want to join forces to fulfill Cynthia's swap - and what a grand idea! Just goes to show that swappers are the bestest peeps around - but I think we all knew that already ;-)

  6. I'd be happy to angel if you need me to:-)
    I have a clear plate at the moment too.

  7. Hi Shawnee, I will be happy to help out and be an angel for Cynthia,. Please send me the info I need. I have been trying to reach you since last night, but my internet has been acting up for a couple of days!!

  8. I thought I'd already responded but my post isn't here.
    I haven't received my package yet and I according to the tracking, my partner has received hers but not yet responded.

  9. Hi Shawnee,

    I have not received my package either.
    My partner has received hers.
    Thanks so much
    Sarah K Utah.

  10. Shawnee,
    I Have not heard if my partner received her apron and goodies yet.
    I hope she received it.

    Thanks this was so great I can't wait till there is another Swap.

    Susan K Utah

  11. I have not received my package yet. My swap partner did receive the package from me already.

  12. Hi Shawnee!

    Renee P and I have both received our apron packages!! This was a great swap!!

    Jen S

  13. Hi Shawnee!

    Karen T my swap partner received her apron and she liked it I a so pleased, I havent received mine no worries! I know the best is yet to come!


  14. Turkish Underwearing desing
    If you wisit me , I will be glad:)

  15. Shawnee,
    I can be an angel if they can wait until the end of the month...
    Susan Walters

  16. Hi Shawnee,

    I sent my apron long ago to Renee P! She received it!!!


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