Sunday, May 1, 2011


Uh-oh, I hope Shawnee won't kick me out of the swaps! I am late sending my apron off. This was new for me because for once I didn't wait until the last minute to sew my apron. I actually have had this finished for over a week now and had it boxed up and ready to ship off last Monday ..... only to come down with some sort of virus and never made it out of the house. Wednesday and Thursday were spent catching up from laying on my behind from the virus. While the weekend was spent catching up from laying around ALL day Friday watching the Royal Wedding footage. Yes, I admit it, I watched footage all. day. long.

So here it is, May, and I still have my poor partner's box sitting in my car. I promise partner - I will mail it on the morrow.  Don't hate me.


  1. I am sure know one is going to hate you!!! We are all friends here!!! Aren't we ladies? LOL!!!


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