Monday, May 9, 2011

My Apron arrived today!!!!!

At least I think it belongs to me!!

This very cute apron that has embroidery on it says...Think of me as a Fabulous Challenge!! Cute right? I received a super flower spatula, some beautiful earrings and necklace set, a Mom's plan it Kitchen Reminder Notes set!!, a book of Paula Deen's Kitchen Wisdom and Recipe Journal!!!!!!

Also included in the book was a card to someone named Jackie Shubert?!?! Not me, so I hope my partner named M A Gillispie, are you Mary Ann?, will contact me!! I do not have an email address for you, so please contact me at, Comment on one of my postings at , to reach me, and I will send the letter and book, if it was not meant for me, to Jackie for you!! Sure hope it wasn't a Mother's Day card.

If I wasn't suppose to get the book by Paula Deen, just let me know. I had a hard time dis-syfering the tuck ins for my initials!!


  1. Hi Jen

    The card was meant to be mailed seperatly to Jackie. I tucked it in your apron to carry to the post office and did not realize i forgot to take it out and mail it.

    Explanation of tuck-ins: J ... Jewelry I made for you R ... Recipe book S ... Spatula Notes were just because I thought they were cute and you might like them.

    If you will send the card on, I will reimburse you. That day was full of senior moments.

    I hope you like everything.

  2. I loved everything!!! Are you kidding!!!? Your package was just wonderful!!! I will be happy to send the letter on for you!! No reimbursement neccessary!! I was showing my apron off last night at Bunco! My neighbors are so jealous of my apron collection!!!

    Thanks again for the wonderful package!!!

  3. I am so thankful that you liked everything. And very jealous that you get to play bunco. Since moving to Colorado I have not been able to play. I miss it so.


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