Friday, May 6, 2011

A Note to my Swap Partner...

My Parcel from you is at the post-office...and if I can make it to town early tomorrow (Sat.) I will get it! Yay!!  Or else I will have to wait till Monday...I am so sorry...and sooo excited!!


  1. hey at least you have a package! mine has yet to arrive and the anticipation is killing me! AND I sent my package to my partner last Monday - 2 day - and she still hasn't posted if she's received it yet! aarrgh!

  2. Waiting is hard for sure. First we wait for our partner info...then we wait for our aprons and we wait for the reaction from our partners! For me the hardest part is waiting to hear if my partner liked the apron I made. Hang in there Denise. You make amazing aprons and I know your partner will love it!!!!

  3. Hi Shawnee,
    I have not received my chicken apron swap from you yet. Do you think it was lost in the mail? Could you pls check it and get back to me. Thanks Maria


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