Monday, May 2, 2011

My Gift From Karen

My apron arrived today and while I can't show it just yet because my camera battery died, I was the wonderful recipient of the apron I loved, the beautiful purple apron.

How did she know I had pierced ears? I love earrings, so the handmade little dangled ones are perfect! She wrapped everything in this soft and beautiful tissue paper and the earrings were wrapped in a glittery white bag and tied with a satin ribbon.

Where she found the things to match, I have no idea, but she sent me a spring butterfly list pad (oh she must know I love organization) and I am tossing the desert list into the back of the drawer and putting this beautiful one on my fridge!

She found these adorable little hostess or finger towels and I took them right away and put them in my bathroom, they match the walls purrrrrrfectly and it is nice to have something feminine in my little corner!

She also sent me a beautiful mug rug that my husband is so thankful for because when we eat ice cream, my hands get so cold, now he says I have something to keep my hands warm and his as well.

Thank you so much Karen, I am amazed at how kind you are!

Here is the apron, both sides & I love it!

The front has these delicious pockets and is going to be so much fun and I can take it out in the garden or use it in the kitchen!


  1. wow, look at all that goodness! Can't wait to see you in your apron!

  2. So glad you are happy! I hope you enjoy your apron :)

  3. just wonderful! Great swap package you sent Karen! QR you are one lucky person to get one of Karen's creations, I love that purple apron!

  4. I loved the apron that Karen created for you! and all your other goodies are fabuloso too!

  5. I thought I requested that purple apron...Darn, thought for sure it was coming to me!!! Great package Karen!!!

  6. Very nice! Karen sends amazing packages. They're wrapped beautifully and the goodies are incredible!


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