Monday, August 4, 2008

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Flirty Apron Swap III, Fall 2008 – What I Wish I Did Over Summer Vacation
Last Day to Sign Up: August 15, 2008
Last Day to Mail Packages: September 15, 2008

I adore Back to School, so I've taken the typical first essay assignment and switched it up just a smidge. The theme for this swap is “Fantasy Vacation” and everyone should receive their aprons by the time summer memories are just starting to fade. You will make an adult size apron from YOUR PARTNER's fantasy theme for your known pal and your unknown pal will make one for you. (Thanks, Val, for the suggested tweak!)Please complete the registration form HERE and read the Rules and Package Requirement posts as well. With this new software, I can only take 100 registrations in July and up to another 100 in August. So, sign up quick to reserve your spot!

I'm testing a new registration software and found my first glitch. This is sign-up post.2. =)

Here is one more thing I would like you to consider before joining this swap (you'll see this same information on Lucy's Sassy Apron Swap page).

To join in this swap you don’t have to be an expert seamstress, but you do need to be experienced enough to pull a nice apron off. We expect an apron that would pass in 8th Grade Home Economics - not an "A" but at least passable.

We don’t want to get too fussy here and scare anyone off. As Lucy says, I also love to see the work of new seamstresses and have had some as partners in swaps and have loved the work they do. It is fresh and full of enthusiasm. If you feel that your work is not good enough, you can also swap an apron made by another crafter. There are many at Etsy worth buying from. Just be sure to give credit where it is due and honor the apron artist.

Also, I've posted links to various patterns and tutorials on the right sidebar. I'll keep adding to that list as I find sites. EVERYONE can sew an apron; some of us just need to rip-out stitches more often to get the look we want! LOL!!


  1. I used the new form but I can't tell if it signed me up or not.. will I get a comformation email?

  2. I also filled out the form but could not tell if it you received it or not. Please advise.
    I also want to participate in this swap.

    Irma :)

  3. Have you drawn a winner yet of the flirty gloves? I can't wait to see who wins!!!

  4. Hello Shawnee,
    I just figured out how to get the submit button if you don't see it.. highlight the text and the submit button for some reason will pop up... then un-highlight text and click on submit to send.

  5. I just signed up. Hope you got all the info. If not please drop me a note. It sound like lots of fun!
    Thanks Laura

  6. How can i get a participation button on my blog? Forgive me, i am much better with the sewing machine than the computer!
    -Victoria R

  7. Just signed up! Can't wait to find out who my partner is!

  8. Hi I signed up but have not heard do I know that I am in?

  9. Hi all -- If your sign-up went through, you will immediately get a pop-up window that says Success, and then you will also get a confirming email that summarizes the info you provided. If those things don't happen, something went wrong. You can try again or you just email me all the pertinent information and I'll enter you manually on my end.

    I will next enter your name on the sidebar as a participant along with a link to your blog if you have one. Then, you won't hear anything else until I send out partner matches in mid-August.

    Thanks for playing!

  10. I was just deleting my spam when I saw my e-mail about my sign-up right before the screen told me I had deleted it. Could you please send it again? Thanks, Beth

  11. And - I'm thinking it might help to give you my e-mail. bethvanduzer (at) yahoo (dot) com. Thanks.

  12. Hi Shawnee -- I'm in Canada -- can I still sign up?

  13. i hope i get in on time, off to check out the form. just sewed my first arpon and i'm very proud. would love to be in an apron swap. creative cheers, rachel


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