Monday, November 24, 2008

Finished Apron

Well, I was hoping that my partner (Dianah) would have posted pics by now, but I guess she's just too busy. She received this apron on November 10th:

I'm very proud of how it turned out! I was trying for something elegant, flirty, feminine, and sparkly for the holidays. This was my first apron swap to take part in, and I haven't been sewing long. She said she only wanted red, black or white - no pastels, as she hates pastels. She didn't want a necklace or bracelet, but wears her hair up on the night of their christmas party, so I sent hair pins with it (didn't get a pic of those). It's red background, with black sequins and black glass beading, with a black satin top/ties. I would still love to see a picture of her in this apron to see how it fits her, but at least you guys can see how it turned out. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Wow! That is stunning! Beautiful work! I love the scallops on the bottom!

  2. Beautiful! You did a fabulous job. I too, love the scalloped edge!!

    Erin ♥

  3. I love it!! This will be one happy girl!!!

  4. Beautiful job, I am sure she is loving it!

  5. That is so gorgeous! I love the trim around the scalloped edges.


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