Friday, November 28, 2008

Got my Gorgeous Apron - I'm not worthy!!

I got my apron from Terri in FL and I am swooning! When I saw posts on the blog, I was hoping I would receive this masterpiece. Here is my beautiful apron, being "modeled" by my nephew in my sewing room:

And here I am wearing the lovely creation, strategically standing in front of the tv on Thanksgiving day so that hubby could (would have to) take my picture. I am overwhelmed by how perfect it is for me -- I love each fabric and the style is spot on! I will wear this often and am so happy my partner is so creative and talented. Thank you! And the pin is lovely too, I wore it on my lapel all day (just got too excited to get a picture). yay! Thanks Terri! Kristin J in CA


  1. Your apron looks very nice on you!

  2. That is such a beautiful apron and it looks lovely on you. That is just darling!

  3. Love the apron but Holy Cow I WANT your sewing room! I am most impressed!


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