Monday, November 24, 2008

done at last now bring me some egg nog!

I finally finished my Holiday Hostess apron today, just in the nick of time! Talk about feeling like a beginning seamstress again......these fabrics were not the easiest to work with but in the end it all seemed to come together okay (hopefully)!

My partner liked the colors gold and red so I made a red satin apron topped with a layer of gold organza. Working with new fabrics for me meant some serious improvising as I went along, at one point I almost threw in the towel and ordered one online. Being sick had something to do with that I am sure! Hopefully my partner will love it , along with the matching bracelet and earrings, and will be able to wear it while entertaining this Christmas.


  1. very pretty - Mine is going out today also. Will do pictures after I get back from bible study.

  2. The fabrics may have been a pain to work with the but the end result was well worth your efforts. It's beautiful!

  3. VAVAVOOM - sweet, flirty and ready for a cocktail. Whoever gets that is very lucky and doesn't even need to get a holiday outfit!


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