Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My camera died!!!

Allow me to borrow this lovely picture from my partner, Shelley!! I got the lovely red and black apron and I couldn't be more thrilled. Not only am I crazy about this apron, but it has tulle on it!! I am CRAZY about tulle. Hostess aprons have always been my favorite of aprons. I know they aren't very practical, but they are so gorgeous and I want to wear them to the mailbox, the mall, everywhere!!! I also received a cute headband and a festive pen. Thank you so much for giving me a PERFECT apron. It says "Tracey". I couldn't be more pleased and can't wait to wear it for Thanksgiving and Christmas (Christmas isn't even at my house and I am still going to wear it at my Mother-in-Laws!!!). Great swap - can't wait for the next one!! Now, off to finish my partner's apron!


  1. I'll bet you're excited for it! I would be too. Cute aprons - cute girls!

  2. Lucky you! That's one sweet apron.

  3. I am so glad you love it! :) I thought it was pretty cute too! :) Enjoy wearing it over the holidays! :) If you get a chance,..snap a picture and send it to me! I'd love to see it on you!


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