Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Marie Antoinette Apron...

Ever since I purchased the book "A is for Apron", I've wanted to make the apron on page 84 called the "Marie Antoinette". This swap was the perfect opportunity . So I am going to begin working on it this weekend. Who knows maybe I'll get it done for the give away on Tuesday.

Here's the fabric I selected. I liked it so much, that I purchased enough to make myself one and one for my Etsy shop. I've decided that every time I do a swap, I am going to make two and keep one for myself. It's always so hard for me to part with the apron, and now I can keep one for myself!

Can't wait to send it off tomy partner!


  1. looks like a yummy fabric choice!

  2. What a fun group, I am obsessed with aprons and would love to join if you do this again.
    I have a new give away/contest on my blog and a very sweet skirt sale in my Etsy shop. If you could pass the word along it would be much appreciated.

  3. The fabrics are delicious and I too have always thought the Marie Antoinette apron in that book was gorgeous.

  4. What rich fabrics! You're swap partners going to love it!

  5. I love that apron too. Wasn't able to join the swap this time and now am feeling really bad about it as I see all the lovely sneak peeks that have come in. So nice.

  6. That's the like of apron I was imagining too!


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