Monday, November 19, 2012

OMG! as I live & breath! my morning started out uber great!
So true to my word, first thing today I went to the Post Office to mail off 2 packages, one to my childhood BFF in Germany, and the other to my 'Secrete Santa Swap Partner'... when what to my surprise,,,, I have 2 packages waiting to be picked up by me.... one from my 'mommy' and the other from my other secrete Santa Swap partner...Jennifer!
So I had to wait until I returned from town late this evening, to be able to open my package from Jennifer.... Squeal!!!! I luv all the goodies and will be wearing my flirty apron this coming Thursday.
So here is a photo of my goodies and the second photo is of my sweet apron and pot holder...oh and No, the glass and bottle of Merlot were not in the package,,, It was my treat  to myself for a long day in town!
Thank you so very much Jennifer for all the fun goodies....a proper Thank you will arrive by mail....

 Notice the 'Wine Ornaments'?   heeheehee, Thank you Jennifer  :>)
 Is this cute or what! I love purple & green...... even my bed room is done in purple and green.
HoHoHo & Bingle Jells!


  1. Oh Grace, I am so glad you are happy with this little package!! The excitement in your post tells me you are very happy!!!

    Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!! I on the other hand will be hosting a family gathering for 20!!! Should be very interesting!!


  2. what a great package...and Bingle Jells is just what I'd be saying after a few glasses too! Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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