Sunday, November 11, 2012

Checking in, swappers

Hi sweeties,

I'm so happy with the responses I've received so far to your secret partner assignments.  Don't forget this is a SECRET swap --- don't email her and introduce yourself or anything like that! {Unless, of course, you're stuck as my partner - then, sorry!!}  ;)  Stalk your partner's blog, read her questionnaire, and then feel free to be as creative with your package as possible.  I hope everyone includes an apron (cause we ARE Apronistas, after all), and also takes up the make-a-word challenge.  Then, hold your excitement and wait to mail until November 15.  (That's only next week, so you can do it!)

I will send blog author invites in the next few days, so you can post your sneak peeks and pictures here.  We all love to steal great ideas cheer on your creativity!!

I still need to hear from:

Jennifer W
Kathleen S
Lisa A
Martha F
Ruthie C
Sharon S

Just send a quick reply so I know you received your partner assignment and that you are still playing along.



Welcome Apronistas -- I appreciate your lovely comments!!