Friday, November 30, 2012

My Dog Ate My .... Package

Oh darlings, you aren't going to believe this!  My swap partner loves chocolate-covered cherries (as do I), so I bought a box for her package.  And I bought a box for me the family as a little treat.

I've been gathering goodies for a while, and have been mulling on the appropriate word.  I love a good theme, and want my box to be just right. Look at what awaited me upon my return from work today


My dog is a beast.  He ate BOTH boxes!! Now he's sleeping off his sugar high. Apollo all wiped out

My box will be a little late, dear partner!


  1. that is hysterical....get ready for what comes out ain't gonna be pretty. Dogs get sick from chocolate!

    1. Luckily (I guess), he can tolerate a LOT of chocolate. Our vet said that they can handle about an ounce of chocolate for every 10 pounds they weigh. Since he's 150 lbs, he can "safely" eat about a solid pound of chocolate! And he's tested that theory several times, the chocolate-napper!

  2. I am still waiting to see all these postings of Secret Santa packages!! Come on ladies!!!!!

    I would have eaten those Cho covered cherries, if I had seen them too!!

  3. That is so funny! Funny because I can totally relate. We have two labs and one of them is just a year old. He loves chocolate too...and kids toys, and shoes, and clothes, socks, hair brushes, barbies...hmmm have I left anything out??

    Too funny. This was a great post - loved the photos!

  4. Not funny, but then again it is! So sorry sweetie!


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