Monday, November 5, 2012

Making a list, checking it twice

I'm "making a list, checking it twice" of all our Secret Santa Swappers.  IF you haven't posted (or cannot) your questionnaire on your blog, let me know asap.  I won't send your name out unless your partner has somewhere to go to read your questionnaire -- how else will they know what to surprise you with??  =)
So, email me asap and we will work something out.

Sooo excited!!
Head Secret Santa - Shawnee


  1. Love your outfit Secret Santa Shawnee!!

    1. Isn't that fun --- do you want one too?!?

    2. I learned how to copy and paste pretty much anything now!! I am getting so much better on the computer! ( I really am just bragging!! LOL!!) I copy and pasted your very cute dress and posted it on my blog just to be silly!!

  2. I posted mine last night but my name isn't on the sidebar yet, thanks for hosting!


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