Friday, November 23, 2012

Connie received her package from me so I can now share what I sent!  
I stalked her blog and found out she is a devout Christian so I wanted to keep that in mind when creating her package.   I wanted everything to have a reason for being in it.

I spelled out CHRIST and made 3 of the items. 

C for crocheted cowl (in one of her favorite colors and can be worn in different ways)
H for hot mug of cocoa and candy (impulse buy but I couldn't resist and she does like hot cocoa)
R for really sweet lamb ornament (Jesus is the lamb of God)
I for individual box of junior mints (she loves mint)
S for snowman coffee cozy ( it fits a Starbucks grande)
T for tissue worthy Christmas story (Christian novel)

I hope everyone had as much fun creating their packages as I did.  If you are interested in the little lamb ornaments, my tutorial is here.


  1. Love the lamb ornament. It is so special to have one. Thanks for posting the tutorial on your blog.

  2. Great package!! I just got back from taking my Mother back to Ohio, from her Thanksgiving trip to the Chicago area. Glad to be home. The traffic was very heavy. It took me 8+ hours.

    I am wondering why there aren't more comments on the Apronista site? Come on Ladies!!!! Make your comments!!


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