Sunday, November 18, 2012

Snowing You A Peek...

I decided to use the word SNOW since it is a joke in our home that I am the Snow Witch and if I want it to snow it will...snow, snow, snow.  So, in a word, it fit!

S is for seasons, spring, summer, fall and winter and a mug rug for each...
 So here are 3 of the 4...a purple violety one for spring, a starry red, white and blue for summer and a Halloween one with a candy corn cupcake for fall....winter is right around the corner....


I like to recycle/repurpose so since N is for notions and nifty, I put together from a Crystal Light container a nifty notions button box and yes, there are some buttons inside.  Even my hubby thought it was cute!

O is for ornaments and I picked up 2 silvery glittery snowmen to go with the O:
 For W, of course it is winter, so I chose a wonderful winter fabric that was fun and by the way, ahem....whimsical for the apron which I will be finishing up this week.
 Of course I will have to add some yummies and goodies and it will be complete!


  1. Uh Oh,,,, those lil penquins like like they are up to mischief! cute fabric!
    Cute 'mug rugs' too!
    HoHoHo & Bingle Jells!

  2. Soi adorable!! Love the recycled containers!! Great idea!!


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