Tuesday, July 28, 2009


So it's not quite cheating, but kinda feels like it!

I BOUGHT my apron for the swap today. Time has just got away with me, and I seriously haven't had time to even draft up a real pattern, let along make one yet. Things like tax returns, and my husband's play have got seriously in the way!

I DO have a few cute goodies to put with this apron though, and I'm putting a little Australian spin on the whole 'flirty'/'retro'/'housewife' thing. Hopefully they'll arrive from the ebay seller soon! The apron I bought though is SUPER cute. It's from a local store here in Queensland.

So are there any other 'cheaters' out there who haven't had time to make their aprons?!


  1. I posted that I cheated too.. Summer went way to quick to get stuff designed and sewed in time. Can't wait to see the posts from the partners.

  2. Eh, it's not cheating if it was purchased with the love intended!

  3. @Becky- It was definitely purchased with love- and a little bit of envy! I want it for myself!

    @CB- It's winter here- but same deal. Work just got crazy and I feel deprived of crafts and sewing!!


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