Sunday, July 12, 2009

Enter to win fabrics and tin can!

You can win this vintage reproduction "metal sewing goodies can"
filled with a total of 3 1/2 yards of fabric!
The can is just below in the "teaser."
You know you want it!
The can is great for putting "travel notions"
and a small hand sewing project in.
Toss it in your handmade totebag,
"voila" you are ready to go! can "go and sew!"

Here's the deal...

Visit my blog
leave a comment and you are entered!
Leave a comment here on the
"Lucy" Blog telling which
"Lucy" episode is your favorite
and you are entered again!
You have until July 20th!


  1. My favorite Lucy episode is the vitameatavegamin commercial. I've seen it a million times and still LOL while watching.

  2. I love the episode with the hats--I love that she wanted so badly to be trendy and ended up looking so silly!

  3. It's really hard to pick a favorite episode....probably the grape stomping one....

  4. I just loved all of her shows...but I think the one where she and Ethel start working in the chocolate candy company and they start putting the chocolate candy in their mouth as it rolls in on the conveyor belt. Tooo Funny!

    Hugs :)


  5. Amongst my fav episodes are the ones in the story arc where Ricky goes to Hollywood to make a movie. When Lucy meets William Holden I laugh so hard I nearly pee.

  6. I love the one where they are making candy

  7. I love the one where the four of them dress as Santa and the real Santa is there with them.

  8. I love them all! My dad often calls my mom "Lucy" because of the things she does :) I guess the one episode I remember most is the one with the big fish. They keep swapping it from house to house to keep it hidden. So funny!

  9. I really do love them all. I'm stuck between the candy factory and the vitameatavegamin commercial. I guess I'd have to go with the vitameatavegamin commericial though since I don't see it very often.
    hm...but what about the John Wayne one that she did, THAT was fun too......omgosh, I need to watch them ALL again just to be sure :-)

  10. I luv the "We're Having A Baby" episode where Lucy is trying to tell Ricky during a performance at his dinner club that they are expecting...

  11. I missed the contest. But I love all the I Love Lucy Episodes, not a huge fan of the one when lucy is from franistan. But my husband and I watch I Love Lucy everyday before bed. How does this website work?


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