Friday, July 31, 2009

Lucy Apron Was Fun!

Ok, so this was such a fun swap...I always enjoy the creativity, thoughts & ideas I see on all of these swaps...At first I was a bit reluctant to join in this one but after perusing the Internet for fabric I got excited to try my hand...I used an apron that I had, made a template/pattern from it and this is what I came up with. Pink & Chocolate! I even found a chocolate candy bar with a
"I Love Lucy" label. How cool is that?
Finding "Lucy" stuff proved not so easy for me, but I did find a few and a I made a few and just had fun doing so. I hope my swap partner enjoys the apron & all the goodies. You can click on the images to see a closer view.
Thanx Shawnee for this fun challenge.


  1. IT turned out beautifully! WHat a great package for your partner!

  2. Thanks for the comment...Love this site! I was just thinking about doing an Apron Swap ;)

  3. what a sweet apron! And all those goodies are just wonderful!

  4. I'm the lucky swapper that just opened this package, and all I can say is...poor everybody else!

    I am flaberghasted! Not only is the apron as cute as an apron could be (and beautifully made), but the extras that came with it...!!! Matching rubber gloves! A sweet little tote filled with potholders! A sweet BIG tote filled with Lucy friendship! Magazines! The Lucy candy bar! Maribou glass markers (which evidently are going to double as cat toys)! A hand decoupaged clipboard! And Gracie managed to cram in just about everything I love into the package: rhinestones, yo-yos, name it, it's there!!!

    I am beyond thrilled. I hope all of you are as lucky as I am!!!

  5. Oh yeah -- I forgot to mention the lavender sachet, made with lavender from her own garden. Gracie, you have set the standard for swap packages.

  6. I am blushing...Thank you Debra,,I am sooo very glad you like everything.
    Apron hugz & giggles....


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