Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I wonder who, who, who.....

Who will get this package?????? Hey I sounded like an owl! This is a cupcake/cherry/M.E. swap!

I hope my partner likes her package. The apron is just too cute with a matching 'pot pincher' and other goodies.


  1. I can see me in that apron! how very cute--

  2. Wooo ~ look at all those goodies and that cute apron!

  3. It all looks so darn cute!!!! I am still working on all my stuff...tick tock...the clock is ticking and I'm still working. I work so well under deadlines...lol.
    Can wait to see if my partner will love it all.


  4. Is it coming to Idaho? Awesome apron and goodies.
    I was already to mail today, but work got in the way and could not make it to the post office. Will be getting my in the mail on Wednesday.

  5. ah that is so sweet!. and i love pot pinchers!!!

  6. Me! Me! Me! So cute and sweet. It's so fun to see all the aprons and packages on here, not knowing if it's meant to come our way. So fun.

  7. Now that is a beautiful apron and all those goodies, hope its on its way to CA!!



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